why Greentrans:why choose GreenTrans's electric scooter


Since the establishment of GreenTrans Corporation in December 2009, GreenTrans is not only a brand name but also our spirit and vision, also it expresses invisible love to yourself, your friends and everyone. When you choose GreenTrans, you are giving an opportunity of green environment to our next generation.


With 40 years of experience in design, production, marketing and customer service from CMC, we have successfully made our first step with our e-scooters. Since our first e-scooter model was put on domestic market in 2010, it is not only received numerous international design awards, but also loved by Taiwanese customers. We’ve been sold over 37,000 e-scooters in domestic market, and still one of Taiwan's leading e-scooter manufacturer.


 “Your Natural Move”, our slogan, expresses our ambition and vision, it always drives us to move forward and keep developing the innovative and eco-friendly products.


GreenTrans proactively communicates with renowned legal person institutions, government institutions and schools nationwide. Having these leading organizations adopt GreenTrans’s e-scooters as examples, GreenTrans hopes that the importance of environmental awareness can be further promoted among general publics, thus driving the sales of GreenTrans’s e-scooter.